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We're two longtime friends, our bond is rooted in a shared passion for exploring and discovering incredible music. For many years, we've upheld a tradition of exchanging the most captivating tracks we come across with each other. Now, it was time to expand that tradition.

“Songletter has dropped so many new songs into my mental jukebox. The joy of discovery!” Sherman Alexie, Sherman Alexie

Nearly a year ago, we made a choice to expand our circle and share our favorite finds with music enthusiasts worldwide. Today, we have the joy of sharing our top discoveries with more than 4,000 subscribers from all corners of the globe!

So, what can you expect from us?

Variety of music: We're genre-agnostic. We don't care about the genre; an incredible song is an incredible song, and that's what we're constantly searching for.

Weekly email: Expect one or two songs every Thursday — short and sweet, because we completely understand that you're busy.

“If you want to break out of a listening rut, Songletter is an excellent music discovery newsletter. By showcasing a wide variety of curated tracks, they are bound to broaden your musical horizons.”

Pete Droge, Love Songs Etc

“Unexpected song recommendations every week”

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